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Faces without wrinkles!

Botox injections have become aneffective way to get rid of wrinkles and 

become very popular. They are suitablefor removing facial and neck 

wrinkles and giving them a young appearance.


It may be no different that removingwrinkles from the eyes can change 

the shape of a person from the appearance ofanger or sadness to 

a calm and natural appearance.


The benefit of Botox in the areaof the face and neck to give a more youthful 

appearance, and around the eyes toremove lines of age and wrinkles, and 

between the eyes to give it a quiet formand change the appearance of eyebrow (eyebrow).

So, with Botox we can:

- Lift eyebrows.

- Eliminate wrinkles under theeyes and widen the eyes.

- Elimination of wrinkles ofthe nose or chin or around the lips.

- Lift the corner of the mouthup (sad smile).

- Get rid of wrinkles of theneck area.

- Even head pain benefitedfrom these injections where the pain of migraine

  headaches subsided.

- Treatment of hyperhidrosisin the hands and feet and under the armpits.

- Control the involuntarymovement of some muscles in the face, a situation 

that causes embarrassment tomany of those infected with it as they sometimes 

appear to be doing some of themovements socially unacceptable, 

such as muttering, whether eye muscles or theside of the mouth. 

When injected with Botox, these movements stopped.