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skin Care

SkinCare & Laser Services

They say beauty in the skin, butdo we need an excuse or reason to 

make our skin in the best case? The Laser andSkin Care Department 

offers you a full range of skin care or skin care serviceswith laser hair 

removal, moles removal and many more.


- Laser hair removal


- Treatment of Haifu

We use Haifu technique to tightenthe face and neck for simple and 

moderate cases, all in one session only. Allyou need is a few minutes 

and then come back home in moments! Haifu is aconcentrated ultrasound 

therapy that regenerates collagen in the loose skin,producing a youthful and 

vibrant appearance of the neck and face.


-  Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the worstnightmares facing teenagers, even adults suffer

 from bacterial factors that affectthe freshness of their skin, and in a skin 

care clinic we offer the latest skincare techniques that eliminate the causes 

of a large proportion to theemergence of acne. You will notice a significant 

difference of 80% after 4 to 6weeks of treatment. We will carefully examine 

your condition and then determinethe best procedure for laser, creams, peeling, etc.


- Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling removes thesurface layers of the skin, or what is 

referred to as the dead skin, to reveala new layer, which grows as 

a new skin full of freshness. The best use ofchemical peels is to treat 

mild to moderate skin problems. It works well torestore the vitality of the

 skin damaged by the sun, and can be useful in veryfine lines and wrinkles 

around the eyes and lips.


- Crystal Peeling

Is a procedure to exfoliate thesurface of the skin, which exploits the stream of 

micro-crystal particles topeel the outer layers of the skin, eliminate dirt particles, 

dead skin cells,in addition to the harmful particles that clog the pores, which 

ultimatelyenhance the appearance of the skin and at the same time stimulates 

new cells Toreproduce for a more fresh and vibrant skin


 - Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a non-surgicalcosmetic solution designed to solve hair loss problems. 

Mesotherapy is one ofthe most successful hair loss solutions in the world today. 

In a beauty careclinic we are able to create an excellent mix of vitamins, drugs, 

minerals andinject them without pain in the scalp, and thus get very positive results. 

Inaddition to its tangible achievements in hair loss, the treatment ofmesotherapy 

has proven effective in restoring the vitality and freshness of theface and neck areas.

- Derma Roller, Micro-needling and Derma pen

    To activate collagenand elastin for skin freshness