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Intimate Surgery

Cosmeticsurgery for intimate areas


Women have become interested insensitive areas as well as 

caring for the nose and breasts. Many young girlswonder if 

their genitals fit well with valid aesthetic standards.


Correctsexternal genital tissues, such as

- Reducing thesize of labia minora:

Some women have their labia minorahanging out in away medically 

and aesthetically unacceptable. The cause may begenetically or may 

occur after childbearing and loss and gaining weight changing,which 

turns the woman's sexual life into a nightmare and lose her confidence.


- Increasingthe size of the labia majora and pubic area:

In some women, the labia majoralose their fill in an aesthetically 

annoying way. The cause may be geneticallyor may occur after 

childbearing and loss and weight gain. This changes thewoman's 

sexual life into a nightmare and loses her confidence and self-admiration. 

This problem is corrected by injecting filler or fat giving an excellentresult.

- Decreasingthe size of the labia majora and pubic area:

This accomplished by liposuction.

In the case of skin laxity, plasticsurgery of the skin and tissues can be performed.


Correctionof internal genital tissues (after birth):


- Tightening thevagina and narrow the introitus:

The process of beautification andnarrowing of the vagina returns to women 

a sense of sexual orgasm and saves thewoman from the coldness of the appearance

 of aging. The process of cosmeticsurgery and narrowing the vagina often lead to a 

happy surprise lies in thesexual life enjoyable that the woman observes after the operation, 

where she says,"I feel like I'm newly married After the operation, everything becamenarrow 

and I began to notice the difference since I first had sex with myhusband. "


- Repair ofthe effects of scars of the vagina

Leaves enlargement during thebirth of thick and painful scarring,

These pains increase at the timeof sexual intercourse.


Correctingfunctional deficiencies (vaginal sexual pleasure).

 To increase theattractiveness of the genital area

- Treatment of vaginismus andvaginal pain with Botox injection.

- Elevation of the sensationin the area of G spot by injection of hyaluronic acid

- Beautification andreconstruction of the clitoris.

- Tightening the vagina, whichhas become too loose?