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Haifu is an intense ultrasound, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. 

Itinduces thermal coagulation points which retract the skin immediately 

and inthe same time the skin stimulates the release of natural collagen in 

a verystrong manner which increase the freshness and vitality of the skin.


Haifu is considered one of the most unique skin treatmenttechniques, 

the advantages of Haifu over other techniques:

1 – Hifu is completely superficial without injections or anywounds to the body.

2 – The only technique in the world possible to be considered asan 

      alternative thread and face and neck lift

3 – Haifu can handle the wrinkles under the eyes.

4 – Rejuvenate skin and stimulate collagen at all levels of deepand 

      superficial skin

5 – Treat double chin and slack skin in the neck

6 – The skin is more vibrant and flexible and youthful.

7 – The effect of Haifu remains for long.

8- There are no negative effects of Haifu.

9. It is used to tighten the skin in all parts of the body


Sessions needed:

For face and neck we need 450 to 550. Shots in one session or two 

sessions depending on the skin condition

For other areas of the body we need a session every month for a 

periodof 6 months


The areas that have been treated so far and achieved 

more than 90%success

# Face and neck

# Belly (especially after birth)

# Buttocks

# thighs

# Arm


Lifting the eyelidswithout surgery


Wrinkling around the eyelids are the main signs of aging which isdifficult 

to hide. The only treatment for this condition was onlyblepharoplasty. 


Recently the Plasmage machine can tighten the lids under localanaesthesia 

in one to three sessions.

What are the expected results and what are they going to have?

The expected result is that the eyelid is completely contracted and theexcess skin

 is not palpable and the eyelid recurs to its normal condition andresults appear from

 the same day of the session to a period of up to 15 daysafter the session.


Sessions needed?

Cases of moderate wrinkling require only one session and severe wrinkles, 

two to three sessions ( one session per month).


What places can plasma laser used?

Upper eyelid, lower eyelid and wrinkles around the eye


How long the session take?

Approximately 20 to 30 minutes