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Brows and Eye lids

Eyelid lift

It is said that the eyes are the window of thesoul, so we can not ignore 

the aesthetic significance of the eyes.

When you look at someone's face, the firstthing you notice is their eyes.

You may not have wonderful eyes or perhaps as anatural result of aging, 

the youthful appearance of your eyes may fade as youage.

But, do not worry, eyelid surgery offers aunique solution to your problems. 

It can effectively improve the appearance ofyour eyes by removing signs of 

aging on the upper and lower eyelids.


Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty,is a cosmetic procedure that 

enhances the appearance of upper and lowereyelids.


There are also non-surgicaloptions that eliminate visible signs of aging 

around the eye and make themmore beautiful, these options are:


Botox injections:

Botox is a muscle relaxant that is injected ina few locations around the eye, 

to remove lines and wrinkles and restore theyouthful appearance of the eyes.

The fillers:

It is injected with fillers that are injectedaround the eyes, to remove the lines and 

are useful for hiding the bags underthe eye.

Injection of fat:

This treatment involves taking fats from areasof your body, then injecting these 

fats into the lower eye area to hide bagsunder the eye and improve the aesthetic 

appearance of the eyes.


Collagen threads:

Plasma Laser:


Eyelid surgery can be performed usingdifferent techniques including:

Upper eyelid surgery:

They are performed on the upper eyelids toremove loose skin, excess fat and lines.

Lower eyelid surgery:

They are performed on the lower eyelids toremove swelling, fine lines and bags under the eye.

Combination Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery:

When surgery is performed on the eyelids at onetime, the upper and lower eyelids are combined.


Eye lift surgery

As part of the normal aging phase, theepidermis on the forehead begins to slacken 

after a certain age and begins toform a slender appearance that is accompanied by 

lines of frown or anxiety.

Some people may have inherited hanging orflabby brows that make them look tired.


Thus eyebrow lift surgery is the right choicefor you if you are experiencing the above problem. 

Brow lift surgery, alsoknown as eyebrow lift or front lift, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that 

removes the lines of anxiety on the forehead and also lifts the danglingeyebrows 

that can obstruct vision.


There are also non-surgical options thateliminate visible signs of aging around 

the eyebrow and make it more beautiful.These options are:


- Botox injections:

- The fillers:

- Injection of fat:

- Golden threads:

- Plasma Laser: