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Chin and Dimple creation

Cheek Dimples Formation


Dimples are only a fusion betweenthe skin and facial muscles without the 

presence of fat between them, whichgives a beautiful form of smile and 

facial expressions.


It is a simple cosmetic proceduredone by local anesthesia in the clinic and 

takes about half an hour and doesnot require reviews and does not lead to 



Operation idea:

It is done by forming a connectionbetween the skin and facial expression 

muscles and by contraction of thosemuscles, the skin is dimpled to the inside 

and the dimples appear, while innormal cases without smiling the skin remains normal.


Chin Dimple Formation

 In the same way a gooddimple can be performed in the chin, but the dimple is fixed.


Chin surgery

(Genioplasty or Mentoplasty)


Chin is a very important part ofthe face and most people do not realize its importance.


Maybe you will never find someonecomplimenting someone else by commenting on the 

beauty of his chin.


But you may be surprised if youknow the effect of the chin on the face:

The smaller chin makes the faceappear asymmetrical from the front and 

side vision.

The nose appears larger and thejaw line appears to be undefined making 

the face and neck separate.


Many people mistakenly believethey need nose surgery or neck tightening 

or feel that their face is somethingwrong and can not determine that this 

error is due to the chin.


Enlargement of the chin or"mentoplasty" is a surgical procedure to enlarge 

the small chininconsistent with the face.

Mentoplasty is the use ofbiochemical surgical materials implanted under the 

skin to accentuate the chinor the use of natural fillers (fat or bone patch) and 

can remove some layers ofthe bone of the lower jaw makes the chin balanced 

and consistent with otherfacial features.

 Non-surgicalchin augmentation

   By using fator fillers.

   By using themodern golden threads.