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Brazilian Buttocks lifts

Buttocks Enhancement


The round, curvy buttocks are one of the most important characteristics of 

a woman's body in most civilizations.

Some ladies are born with the grace of round and curvy big buttocks. Others 

do not get it or lose it as age progresses.

With different causes, women do not want to keep a flat buttocks that is not 

consistent with the rest of the body.


Buttock enhancements can correct this and increase the self-esteem and 

confidence of the woman and the result is usually a more youthful and 

attractive appearance.


Buttock augmentation can be done by:

- Buttock augmentation can be done by injection of fat where the fat is taken 

from other areas of the body and injected into the buttocks.

- Using implants such as that is placed to enlarge the breast to enlarge the buttocks. 

If you do not have enough fat or have flabby skin in your buttocks and you want a 

round buttock


Lifting of the buttocks can be done by:


- Liposculpture and injection of fat and rarely remove excess skin.

- Brazilian Buttocks Lift[BBL]

- In other cases, suction is used for the sides, midline and thighs from 

the outside to achieve the best result of the shape of the lower body.


- It is also possible to tighten the rear without surgery by modern gold 

threads using special needles and flexible threads.


Minimize the rear can be held by:


- Liposuction and resection.

- Injection of lipo-dissolving substances.