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Thelips were always filled with the characteristics of the youth andattractiveness

 of women. Nothing is more beautiful than full lips adding colorand attractiveness to 

the face. Some were born withthis grace and others had, but lost with age and others 

had never had.

Theprevalence of makeup, actresses and fashion models form a special attractionfor all 

women, where this makeup focused on the lips full of attractive andsuggestive femininity.

LipBeautification includes:


Lip reduction:

Itis done from the inside of the mouth where the excess part of the lip is 

removed from the lip and the wound is re-sewed with dissolvable sutures 

that donot need to be removed.


Lip augmentation


1.Fat transfer

Theproblem with this method is that the body sometimes absorbs this fat quickly, 

so it is necessary to re-inject more than once to help the fat cells stay aslong as possible, 

and sometimes permanently.


2.Injection of filler materials

Hyaluronicacid (restylane, juviderm, stylage)


3.Syringes of collagen threads


Lifting the lips

Theyare made by golden threads without surgery


Smile correction procedure (gummy smile)

-By surgery from within the mouth

-By injecting Botox.

Rejuvenation of the lips

Acombination of temporary fillers and Botox is used to restore full youth to thelips.