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Filler materials for the face

Women, whether young or old, are always looking for a brighter face.

Women spend fortunes a year on creams that claim to be able to restore 

lost collagen to the face and maintain permanent youth.

What happens to our faces over time?????

Over time, our faces begin to show the effect of gravity, exposure to the sun 

and many years of moving the facial muscles, leaving full cheeks and soft 

facial boundaries, just like we were in16 or 20 years of age, where the fat 

under the skin gradually diminishes,making the skin thinner and wrinkles 

begin to appear.


And unfortunately, with the high interest in maintaining the fitness of the body,  

many women has lost fat from their natural face, which led to the emergence of 

lines and wrinkles at an early age and loss of face to the fullness of the young.

The older lose fat as a natural result of age.


You may notice when your weight increases that your face looks nicer.

But you want to keep your weight low because your body looks so good,

This requires facial injections to maintain its elegance and beauty.

Generally,face fillers are injection products to:

- Fill Hollow-face areas

- Fill Deep wrinkles and surface lines.

- Filling the chin and fixing the jaw line and Texas technique.

- Adjust the nose and lift the eyebrows and the hole of the ear.

- Correcting the asymmetry of the face.

- Filling cheeks and facial sculpting.

- Lip augmentation.

What is the difference between Neurotoxins and Fillers?

Neurotoxins treats only lines and wrinkles resulting from muscle movement. 

It is not filler in the literal sense of the word. It does not add volume 

to the injected area.

On the other hand fillers are products injected in different areas to add 

size or fullness to those areas.

Types of fillers:

Materials based on Hyaluronic Acid:

Including long-active and short-lived, medium and types dedicated to lips.

Materials based on Calcium Hydroxyapatite:

Such as Radius.

Materials based on collagen activation:

Such as Sculputra

Materials based onself-fat:

Fat injections are also a type of injectable substance. Most patients prefer to 

inject fats instead of ready-to-fill injections, but they will need additional action 

compared to pre-filled injection.

This procedure involves extracting fat from areas in your body that have more 

dense fat such as the abdomen,buttocks and thighs through liposuction. 

The extracted fat is then processed,and the extracted fat is then injected 

into the areas to be treated.Liposuction is a simple surgical procedure.

Optimal Use of fillers:

- Do not be fooled by the belief that fillers correct the flaccid skin either on 

the face or neck, this is not correct only a surgical face lift or golden threads.