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Face-lift(threads technology)


The use of cosmetic thread is amodern technique of facelift without surgery,

 and under the influence of localanesthetic.

 The strings are used totighten the face and neck and improve the shape of the

 face, as well as thepossibility of lifting the nose and adjusting the surface using 

the threads,and the determination of the jaw line (Texas), which gives a youthful 

appearance on the face.


 Typesof threads that are used:

 - There are severaltypes of threads used in this technique, including, 

surgical yarns made ofdisolvable poly-dexanone (PDO), which degrade 

in the skin for 6 to 8 months,

There are no side effects of thistechnique, because the types of threads 

used are made of antibacterialmaterials and accepted by the body, and 

the session takes a few minutes andwithout pain.


 Areasthat can be tightened through thread technology:

 - Tightening the faceand normal jaw line can give you a lock of Texas Tech, 

and using advanced typesof threads we can lift cheeks or lifting eyebrows 

as well as lifting the noseand modify its surface.



 Doesthe use of threads  eliminate theinjection of Botox and Filler?

- The type of treatmentdepends on the condition of the patient, where the 

injection of Filler andBotox with some of the number of patients more than 

the threads in the cases ofexpressive wrinkles and weight loss, and it is known 

that the effect ofcosmetic threads lasts longer periods if they are put professionally, 

and atthe same time we can use more From the cosmetic procedure to the one case 

untilwe reach the face of the optimal youth situation, and this is according to the 

experience of the treating physician.


 Are there certain methods for inserting threads andcompleting face-lift?

- The method of laying thethread varies depending on the type of thread used, 

and we in our clinic usethe finest types of cosmetic threads that are inserted 

into the skin withoutwounds through special needles are inserted and pulled in 

a certain way, anddepends on the development of the thread primarily on the 

experience and studyof the doctor, Anatomical facial muscles until the thread 

is placed safely.


 Whendo threads results appear?

- The results appear on theface immediately after the session, and continue for 

one or two years dependingon the elasticity of the skin and vitality as well as the 

age of the case.


What are theadvantages of the threads?

 This is a quick,effective and painless procedure. It does not require a break 

from the routineof daily life. It is relatively inexpensive compared to surgical 

procedures.The needles breaks are very simple and disappear within a day or two.