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cellulite Treatments

Removalof cellulite

Cellulite is a problem of beautyin the first place and does not have 

serious health effects, but that does notmean ignoring the problem, 

but you should find the best ways to removecellulite to get a beautiful 

appearance of the body.


Whatis cellulite?

Also called the problem of orangepeel, is the appearance of bumps and 

slack in the skin, which leads to a changein the texture and appearance, 

the skin loses its smoothness and tightness.

Wheredoes cellulite appear in the body?

Cellulite often appears in thethighs and buttocks.

Reasonsfor the appearance of cellulite

The underlying causes of theappearance of cellulite in the body are still 

unknown, but there are somefactors that help to appear in the body, including:

- Hormonal and age-relatedfactors

As the age increases, estrogensecretion decreases in women, reducing blood flow 

in the cells under thesurface of the skin, and lack of blood flow means a lack of oxygen

 in thecells, as well as less production of skin collagen and increase the area of??fat cells, 

and skin becomes less smooth and flexible, For the appearance ofcellulite.

- Genetic and hormonal factors

Genetic factors are slowmetabolism, and subcutaneous fat distribution.

- Factors related to foodsystems and lifestyle, including

- Donot exercise regularly.

- Theretention of fluids in the body as a result of eating foods that contain

   large amounts of salt.

-Unhealthy eating habits, eating too many foods saturated with fat.


-Excessive life pressures, which generally affect beauty.


Cellulitetypes and grades

Cellulite has three main types:

Soft Cellulite

It is the type associated withweight gain, food disorders and irregular exercise, 

and is often infected bywomen over the age of 30, and appears in both thighs, 

arms and buttocks at aslight depth of the surface of the skin, causing no pain, 

and therefore theeasiest type of treatment.

Solid cellulite

It is the deeper type thatapproaches the muscles and causes little pain, and 

strangely, this type is notspecifically linked to weight or age; it affects girls at 

a young age, alsoaffects slim.

Watery Cellulite

This type of cellulite occurs dueto the retention of fluids under the skin, showing 

the skin completely droopingand showing the blood veins prominent directly below the skin.


Thecellulite also has three degrees:

First, it is the lowest grade of cellulite, whichcan often be overlooked.

 Second: Itis a little more severe than the first degree, in which the skin appears 

likethe orange peel and has some small protrusions, and does not appear most often 

during sitting or sleeping.

 Third: Itis the highest levels of cellulite, as the skin appears to be annoying and 

hasa lot of sinuses and large protrudes, and appears during sitting and sleepingand standing.



Waysto remove cellulite

There are many ways to removecellulite, but it is not permanent. It helps to 

improve the appearance of theskin for a temporary period that may last for 

years. But do not worry, thesetreatments can be repeated regularly for 

semi-permanent results. Cellulite.


CELLULAZE Laser CelluliteRemoval

The latest technique used toremove cellulite from the thighs as well as from 

the rest of the body. Thetechnique is based on the thermal energy of the laser, 

sometimes coupled withthe radio frequency technology, for integrated results 

lasting up to one year.



Although liposuction technologyhas not been recognized by many doctors

 in the treatment of cellulite, it hasalready shown results in the removal of 

cellulite from the thighs and buttockswith people suffering from the first and 

second grades of cellulite.



This technology is the latest incellulite removal, which gives you excellent results 

in cellulite treatmentthat exceeds 90%, leaving your skin beautiful and smooth without 

anyprotrusions for nearly two years.

CELLFINA is a simple surgicaltechnique performed under the influence of the local anesthetic, 

in which thedoctor makes small skin incisions, and then uses a small scalpel to cut thefibrous

 ligaments found in the fat under the surface of the skin. Theseligaments cause the appearance

 of the bumps and folds in the skin. The skin isbeautiful and soft as a baby's skin.

This technique is characterized bya short period of recovery after which the person can return to 

work after aday or two at most, although some swelling and bruises will not disappearbefore two 

weeks of the procedure.


Massage technique

Treatment of cellulite in amassage or massage procedure is a non-surgical procedure that 

does not causepain and has no side effects after use. The massage technique is suitable 

forpeople with first and second degree of cellulite.

Cellulite therapy takes severalsessions, ranging from 5 to 15 sessions.