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MaleBreast Surgery (Gynecomastia)



Men have breast glands which aretouchable, precise and solid, located under 

the nipples in both breasts causingno symptoms but if its diameter exceeds 2 cm 

and the breast began to benoticeable, then it will be diagnosed as Gynecomastia



The surgery is done under generalor local anesthesia as what the patient desires.


 Surgery Duration:

This surgery takes from 1 to 1:30hour.


 Surgery Description:

It is a simple surgery with veryfew problems especially after the invention of

Liposuction technology that saveda lot of young men from excision surgeries 

problems such as scars, excavatedbreast problems, uneven breasts, nipples 

immersion and deformities. Liposuctionhelped a lot in curing these symptoms 

specially first and second degrees ofGynecomastia.

Extreme cases that include anextreme flabbiness require having the excess 

skin removed with unnoticeablescars in most cases. All of those are one day 

surgeries in which the patentreturns back home after few hours and goes back 

to his work few days after thesurgery but also continues to wear the medical belt 

for couple of weeks andexercises his chest muscles. Gynecomastia is no longer a 

problem as it wasbefore, just choosing the right surgeon.



Checking out at the same day, nohospital stay.