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Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to face and body


Facial fat injection:


Women spend fortunes a year oncreams that claim to be able to 

restore lost collagen to the face and maintainpermanent youth.

Women, whether young or old, arealways looking for a fairer and brighter face.


Unfortunately, with high interestin maintaining body fitness, many 

women have lost their natural face fat,resulting in the appearance 

of lines and wrinkles at an early age and loss offacial appearance 

to the young. The older lose fat as a natural result of age.


Fat injection can correct theseproblems to give the face a younger 

and fresher look.


It is important to know that theinjection of fat does not correct the 

flaccid skin either on the face or neck,this is correct only a tightening 

surgery. If the area of ??the jaw or neck isflabby skin, the fat will fill the 

hollow areas of the face only, but asurgical procedure such as face and 

neck tightening will be necessary to ridthe face and neck of the excess 

skin to get the best results.


Injection of fat for the body:

- Breast

- Hands and forearms

- Buttocks (BBL)

- Calf and legs

- Feet and ankles


What is the process of fatinjection?


Injectable fat or Micro LipoInjection is a procedure designed to re-fill 

the face or body with a fresh,youthful appearance. Take fat from areas 

filled with the body of the person andused to correct the face or other 

areas of the body.

You can use the injection of fatafter a face lift for the best results because 

the face lift saves the facefrom the excess skin while the injection of fat 

rejuvenates and fullness of theface.


Good candidates for fattransfer


- If you have lost fat in anarea of ??your face or body and want to recover it.


- If you are young but noticethat your face or any area of ??your body is not as fresh as

     you want to be.


- If you notice when yourweight increases that your face looks beautiful but you want

  to keep your weight low because in this condition your body looks sogood.


- You must have areas of yourbody that we can get fat from.


- You also need to have yourskin tight to achieve the best results.


- Liposuction can be made fromthe age of 16 years.


Preparation for fatinjection:


- Before surgery, Dr. Samirwill fully assess you.

- Check the quality of yourskin to see if you are a good candidate 

- During the evaluation Dr.Samir will explain to you the procedure that is best for

  your condition.


Duration of surgery:


Dr. Samir performs injectionsurgery in half to 2.30 hours according 

to the treated areas.


Anesthesia used


Surgery can be performed under theinfluence of local anesthesia with 

a sedative (so that you are not fully asleepbut relaxed) and do not feel 

anything during the surgery.

They can also be performed underthe influence of full anesthesia 

(where they remain asleep throughout thesurgery).

Be ready to leave 1 to 2 hoursafter surgery according to the anesthesia used.


After surgery


- After surgery, you willexperience burning for 3 days, which can be 

controlled by pain killer. Dr.Samir will prescribe an antibiotic to prevent 

inflammation and relieve pain.

- You will find some swellingand bruising in the injected area, which will 

   remain from 7 to 10 days.

- You will also find somebruising and swelling in the area where the fat is taken

  It lasts from 10days to two weeks.

- Most patients can return towork 7 days after surgery and may use make-up 

  to hide remaining bruises in thetreated area.

- We recommend not pressing orsleeping on the treated area for a week.


Seeing the result


- First you will notice achange in your face in the area injected with fat.

- The injected area will lookfull and the skin will look a little tight.

- After swelling and bruising,you will begin to see the result of the injection, usually

   from 7 to 10 days.

- The end result is achievedtwo weeks after surgery.


Remaining injected fat:

For facial injections: -

The body always absorbs 30 to 50%fat. And 50 to 70% of the fat that did 

not absorb during the first 3 monthsremains permanent. Therefore, maintaining 

the result will require re-injectionafter 4 months for one or two additional times.

For the injection of the body: -

 75% of fat remains andoften does not need injections.