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Nose and Ear

The general common idea in our community about rhinoplasty is very
 restrictive. Rhinoplasty has been known for as downsizing the nose and 
usually we look at that as a luxury, but actually it’s one of the simplest 
surgeries in the field of rhinoplasty. Here we will explain in details some
 of the nose cosmetic surgeries that are necessary in some cases.

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that modifies the nose and sometimes we refer
 to as nose reshaping. This surgery is usually for cosmetic reasons such 
as enhancing facial harmony, although it also used to stop the breathing 
disorder that result from nose deformities caused by accidents.
 Types of nose surgeries: 
- Nose resizing 
- Fixing nose width at the bridge or the size and position of the nostrils 
- Fixing nose visible humps or depressions on the bridge 

Surgical Information: 

This surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia as what the 
doctor sees fit

Surgery duration: 
about 1:30 hour.
Surgery description: 
The surgeon lifts the nose skin, separates it from the nose bones and 
cartilages and puts a plastic splint on it to keep its shape.
checking out 3 hours after the surgery and resuming normal life one 
week after the surgery
 Final results: 
6 month after the surgery

Nose Surgery with threads

This 100% safe procedure takes a few minutes and shows results 
immediately before you leave the clinic! All this without pain, without 
anesthesia, without surgery!         

Beautification of the nose by fillers
Rhinoplasty with fillers is a painless procedure in which the nose is 
injected by the fillers to lift the nose or make it straight, as well as  
covering any strange bumps or twists, and by doing this we can make 
the nose wider or thinner, as well as many other aesthetic solutions.    

Ear Cosmetic Surgery
This surgery aims to correct ear defects and we prefer to perform it 
in early ages to avoid any inconvenience. 
Ears are easy to fix even if it’s fully developed or not. 
Most of ear cosmetic surgeries performed at the age of 4 to14.

Surgical information: 
This surgery is usually performed under local or general anesthesia 
according to what the doctor sees
 Surgery duration: 
from 1:30 to 2 hours
 Surgery description: 
This surgery is performed by making an incision behind the ear 
so the scar will be hidden. The surgeons removes a proper amount of 
the skin and the cartilage and insert a permanent pole to pull the ear 
backwards to be in its normal position or just using the pole to 
lock cartilage in its place without taking anything from it. 
checking out at the same day
 Final results: 
3 months after the surgery.

Beautification of the ears with threads:

This 100%safe procedure takes a few minutes and shows results 
immediately before you leave the clinic! All this without pain, 
without anesthesia, without surgery!