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Liposculpture 4D [360 ]

Bodyreshaping surgeries:

This surgery is used if there isany flabby skin that can be fixed to 

retrieve its natural look and flexibilityafter liposuction.

Liposuction surgery removes thebody fats by sucking it out of the 

body using air sucking device.

The perfect patient for thissurgery is the one who almost have the 

perfect weight except he also hasunwanted fats, on the hips and 

thighs that won’t go away using diet or exercise.

Liposuction can be very successfulchoice for those who are in early 

ages and have fixable skin that allows themto keep its natural look 

after removing the body fats, but if the skin coveringthe fats had 

lost its flexibility or got flabby due to aging or pregnancy thenwe 

need to do another surgery to remove the excess skin that cause 

skin imperfections and making it worse after liposuction.

The most famous areas forliposuction are the abdomen, thighs, hips, 

knees and above the elbows alsoliposuction can be done to treat neck and 

face fats specially in early ages wherethey have more fixable skin or they 

can also have a face lift to shape the jawsskin for those who has less fixable skin.


Tools and methods of liposuctionare always improved and developed using 

latest and safest methods, (called pumpup method) we mix saline with local 

anesthesia and Epinephrine (adrenaline),then inject that mix in the area 

required before its liposuction and that willreduce the loss of blood and liquid 

substance during the surgery also theappearance of the skin after the surgery. 

It also allows removing more fatsevery time; we don’t suggest this surgery to 

those who suffer from lung orkidney diseases or any circulatory dysfunction.


Breaking fats by:

1- Cannula

2- Laser


4- power assisted liposuction PAL


Surgical Details:



The surgery is done under generalor local anesthesia as what the doctor sees fit.



This surgery takes from 1 to 3hours in outpatient clinics under local anesthesia but 

if the targeted area islarge then we can use general anesthesia.


 Surgery description:

The surgeon starts to anesthetizethe area then makes an incision to insert 

the cannula which is a hollow tubethat contains very small holes then he 

begins to move it around to dissolve thefats then sucks it by suction tool and 

puts it in a collective cup.


The surgeon repeats this proceduretill he removes enough fats and after the 

surgery the incision is to bestitched.



It continues for weeks. So if youhad a liposuction surgery below the abdomen, 

you will be wearing bandits like atight belt from 2 to 6 weeks to help with swilling 

and healing safely, andusually all the symptoms disappear within 1 to 2 weeks 

but swelling may remainfor 6 weeks.


 Finalresults:From 45 to 90 days after thesurgery.