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Face and Neck

Facial Beauty Services

As we age, the skin loses its elasticity, which leads to sagging 

and shrinking. The aging process usually begins at 30 years of age,

 but some people genetically occur in the early twenties.

How you live your life and even where you live can have 

an impact on aging. What you eat, how much time you spend 

in front of TV or computer screens.

How much exposure to sunlight can all accelerate the 

aging process But it has always become easy to live like a 

young man through surgical and non-surgical facial procedures.

Problems addressed by facials:

• Deep wrinkles under the eyes and along 

   the nose and up to the mouth

• Relaxation of the jaw skin

• Fat accumulation in the neck area

• A decrease in the middle of the face

• Double chin problem

• The presence of scars or raised old wounds


Facelift includes:


The most revolutionary anti-aging prescription in the world. 

Itis a protein that is injected in the areas of wrinkles around 

the eyes and forehead muscle lines, improves the appearance 

of moderate and severe lines.

Neurotoxins works by temporarily blocking nerve impulses 

from injected muscles, consequently, muscle activity that 

causes fixed lines is reduced on the face or neck.

Nefertiti technique to inject Neurotoxins

Now enjoy the unique Nefertiti technique for injecting 

Neurotoxins into the facial, jaw, and neck areas.

Nefertiti is a new and unique technology that gives you not only 

a much smaller shape But also a degree of beauty comparable 

to that of Queen Nefertiti Which has fascinated generations through 

the ages with its stunning and timeless beauty.


Face lift with French and gold thread

 Is one of the non-surgical methods of face lift, with age, 

it is normal for the skin to sag,both in men and women.

Today, with the development of science, it is possible to 

overcome this problem thanks to the technique of lifting the 

face and neck by threads

That does not lose face natural expression being elastic 

moving with its natural movement

The results of the process based on these leads appear 

immediately after the operation. 

The patient can even follow the development of the process 

during the procedure and participate in determining what he 

wants using the mirror.

The continuity of the results depends on the age of the patient, 

the nature of tissue healing, the quality and number of yarns used.

The results usually last 3-5 years until you need to re-tighten the 

same threads, or replace them with other threads. ”

However, the use of modern threads gives more continuity 

to the results




If you want to restore youthful face and cheeks, enjoy full lips,

And reinforce the outline around your mouth, or relieve those 

cracks and wrinkles in the face, then Fillers is the solution.

Why are we the best in injecting Fillers?

Because Fillers have very unique facial reshaping properties,

Thus, injecting them is a path of arts and professionalism,and 

requires the hand of a skilled surgeon and very accurate

It gives you the face and texture you dream of. Fillers injections 

come mainly in the ability to

Creating excellent and integrated dimensions, and that is exactly 

what we do best.


Face fat injection

The choice of facial fat injection should be considered 

for the appropriate patient

The objectives of the process should be realistic in terms 

of possible outcomes.

Usually, those who resort to the injection of facial fat over 

the age of thirty-five

But this is not a requirement. Some people in their twenties 

may resort to facial filling

Because of the extreme thinness of the face from birth,

Or because they lost a lot of weight, leaving them with 

thin skin in the face area.


Stem Cells (PRP)

The use of platelets in restoring youth and solving hair 

loss problems is one of the most revolutionary solutions 

in the cosmetic world today.

Using stem cells helps the body to reproduce blood 

vessels and collagen,

In addition to repairing and regenerating skin cells, 

in addition to slowing down and even reversing aging,

In addition to preventing hair loss, this has produced amazing results




Introduction to the process:

With age, wrinkles begin to become a real problem for 

any woman looking for freshness and youth.

Although wrinkles are inevitable because of age,

However, there are many solutions offered by modern 

medicine to minimize the effects of this problem,

And delay the occurrence of wrinkles, the proposed 

solutions start from the use of anti-wrinkle creams 

and masks, through to the injection of fillers, neurotoxins 

and plasma, and to the surgical facelifts


The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia 

according to the doctor's vision

Duration of operation:

The process takes about 3 to 5 hours

Surgery Process description:

Tighten all the hair back with a rubber band and cut some 

of the strands near the cracks.

The incision begins above the hairline when the temples 

extend in front of the ears and then behind them to the scalp.

A small incision is also performed under the chin to tighten the neck.

The surgeon then tightens muscles and sagging tissue and 

removes excess fat deep to the fabric, it lifts the excess skin 

and pulls it to the ear and gets rid of it

Then polishes the cracks and wraps the face to protect the area.


Recovery period:

They are discharged on the same day, but some people 

prefer to be hospitalized a few days of having some swelling 

and contusion in the face


The final result:

After 6 months from the date of operation


Lift the forehead and lift the eyebrows with endoscope

Introduction to the process:

As a result of aging, sagging usually occurs in the eyebrows,

especially in the lateral area

Lead to the manifestations of aging and form wrinkles of 

the forehead and usually be deep at the headspring

 Therefore, laparoscopic surgery is performed as a separate 

procedure or as part of the face and neck lift



The operation is performed under local or local anesthesia 

as the physician considers


Duration of operation:

The process takes about half an hour to an hour


Surgery Process description:

The surgeon lifts the skin of the forehead through the 

endoscope via 4 openings

The length of each wound does not exceed 2 cm scalp


Recovery period:

Usually discharged less than 3 hours after the operation

Normal life is practiced one week after the operation


The final result:

Appears after 3 months from the date of operation